What Our Clients Have To Say

"When I tried to apply on my own I was so intimidated and frustrated I just kept putting it off. In one appointment you guys did what I had failed to do in three weeks of trying. With my limited computer skills, it was nice to have all the help and Mary made it seem easy. "

Kermit P. S.E. ND

"My husband and I found our experience with you (Gary Ficek) and your staff very helpful and informative. You answered a lot of our concerns and made it all understandable.
Our case was covered in a timely manner with consideration to us in filing right away by the assistance of an efficient staff member to file online. "

Terryl L.

"It was a long process, but in the end it all worked out great. Gary was very nice and thorough. He made sure he gathered all the information and then used that to form a case that was satisfying and winnable.

Mary O. (Fargo, ND)

"It took about 2 years, I started the procedure myself, but discovered it was much easier with Gary Ficek Law Firm."

Mark B.

"Gary and his receptionist made me fell comfortable right from the beginning. His office was the 3rd one I had visited. He treated me with dignity and respect at all times.

Gwen H.

Excellent representation. Thank you.

Jeremy C.

"I thought the service I got was great.....everyone was nice to me and really listened to me. The process went very smoothly and each step was explained to me."

Faye J.

"I think that since Gary worked for Social Security, that's a major benefit for a person who needs his services. The main thing, Gary always was a step ahead of SSA. He told me what I needed to do to get my disability."

Gary H.

Gary and Mary were very kind to me. I felt like a person not a file number.

Cynthia L.

Gary was very knowledgeable of the process down to what questions would be asked so there were no surprises when we appeared in court....I was extremely happy with the outcome. I know it wouldn't have happened without Gary's help. I have recommended him to a friend in a similar situation and would again. He was very professional and happy to help even with the short notice I gave him.

Anita D.

Quick, efficient, everything was explained well. Very thorough search through my thick stack of medical records..... I'm glad I chose you Gary, your firm and everything that goes into this process was done very efficiently. I thank everyone involved.

Dawn E.

The process was confusing until Gary explained the process in detail when he met with me and took my case. Gary represented me in court. He gathered all the information that was pertinent to my case and submitted it to Social Security. I would have been lost without Gary.

                                                                                  Jean W.

"Your services were very timely and above my expectations."

                                                                             Ronald C.

"Very helpful in filling out the correct paperwork and in preparation for court. The whole staff was very helpful."

                                                                              Barry K.

"Always consistant and helpful.

                                                                                 Nadine B.

"Gary did a great job keeping me informed of all the steps of the process. Very friendly services, prompt return of calls, and very knowledgeable of the law."

                                                                               Lucinda D.

"I first of all found that Gary and all of his staff at Ficek Law Office were easy to talk to (no judgments). They make you feel that you are important as an individual and that what you are doing is important and the right thing to do. You are entitled to the help by law and you need to put forth the effort to go after it even if denied again and again."

Eugene W.



Gary looked at my case and he saw something in it. There were 5 other attorney's who turned me down, and he got the VA doctors to weigh in on my case. Excellent!

David C.