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Minnesota Administrative Law Judge Approval Rates

Posted by Anton G. Ficek | Jan 13, 2022

Often clients ask our law firm what their odds or chances in being approved for disability. The outcome of your social security claim partially depends on the Administrative Law Judge who presides over your hearing.  I have posted ALJ Disposition Data for Minnesota from the time period dated September 25, 2021 to December 24, 2021. Our blog editor does not currently permit inserting tables. The order of the columns is as follows: Judge, Office, Total Dispositions, Total ALJ Dispositions, Decisions, Awards, Denials, Fully Favorable, Partially Favorable. We recommend you seek counsel for an administrative law hearing. If you go into a hearing, the Administrative Law Judge should inform you that you have a right to seek counsel. At that point, you can request a postponement of your hearing to request time to find an attorney to represent you. For more information on Administrative Law Judge approval rates and percentages, you can go to this webpage

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